Nafsi starts NOW!


One of the happiest moments in my life! My safari to Africa.  Kenya and Uganda to be more specific.  I prepared for what seems like an eternity to find my way there.  And I made it the most I possibly could with the circumstances I was faced with going there with.  

This journey really put into perspective the meaning of Mid, Body, Soul for me!

I was so fortunate to share my passion for Dance and movement with the beautiful community of Ngong, Kenya and Kampala, Uganda.  So I share this description/mission statement of how I restore and rejuvenate my clients as best as I can with the skill set I have:

“to provide a welcoming atmosphere with a blend of physical, emotional and mental challenge that leaves one with the sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and rejuvenation.  Starting with the basic Pilates principles of Breath, proper alignment, and core strengthening, that flow into  the Dynamic stretching, arcing releases, arms swinging effortlessly, a flow of windy S shapes mixed with angular, percussive pauses of Simonson Dance Technique, followed by conditioning exercises for muscular strength, endurance and flexibility, as well as visualization and imagery work for neuromuscular re-pattering of CI Training, one will walk away with a body that feels relaxed, invigorated, and rejuvenated.  

Imagine your Mind, Body, and Soul working as one to create balance within yourself as well as the unleashing of the stress, tension, and anxiety our minds and bodies hold on to on a daily basis to allow yourself the moment you have been waiting for, to feel that you are at peace to just let out a simple breath of “Ahhhhh.”

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