My 3 P’s. . .


A busy month leads up to an amazing end!!! This is the ending to my Busy and Crazy month.

This is the first festival I have ever performed at, and I am also a key note speaker.  What a blessing and I am so thankful for the alignment of friends, stars, faith, trust, and why not. . . a little pixie dust.

Here is a glimpse of what will take place the weekend of June24-26.. .

Accessing Your Goddess-Self: The Power of Thought and Movement

Our thoughts become things. Our things become our reality.  Image or thought is the facilitator of movement.  In this workshop we will learn how to focus one’s mind on solutions instead of analyzing problems through the power of thought and movement.

We as women have a very sacred bond, and a mutual makeup: we are intuitive, sensitive, strong, and powerful beings. Many of us have been taught that some of these gifts are a weakness or excuse. It is time that we work from our hearts, our souls, and get comfortable in our own skin.

Each one of us has our Goddess being and it is individual to us. I will help you find your stretch, your stride, your movement that speaks most to you. Through dance, I have uncovered the ability to share, heal, and create community.  

I invite you to take away from my performance the moments that touch your heart and soul, the moments that may remind you of how special life really is, and the moments that make put a smile on your face. When you are feeling heavy, discouraged, tired, tap into this Goddess energy with your movement, your song, or your special goddess word and bring it back to you!!

My goal: Renewing your sense of YOU – renewing your sense of self!!

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