Yummie Mummies. . . Ah, yes.

yummie mummies-WEB

This is what is new and exciting these days!!!

Creating my own classes.  New classes.  New momma opportunities for me and my beautiful babe but for other mommas and their babes to join us in.

It is pretty amazing how much healing a new momma’s body needs after growing that baby inside, after delivering that baby, and then into nurturing the baby, feeding the baby, rocking the baby, and the list goes on.  It is so important to heal from within, to strengthen from within and to love our bodies from within.

This class is geared precisely to those layers and much more.  Working on strengthening the pelvic floor that is one of the most important parts to a woman’s body.  NO JOKE!!! This layer keeps one from peeing their pants, yup, you heard that correctly, it keeps our organs safe and inside our bodies, yup, that’s a true story too, it helps support us on a soul level but also on a sexual level.  So when it is not feeling 100%, all of those SUPER important every day life things are not feeling 100%.  No wonder we might suffer from postpartum depression and other mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks.

So beautiful mommas, please come join us, no matter what your fitness level is and bring your babes with you so they can feel the love and meet new baby friends while you meet new momma friends and share, love, stretch, strengthen, tone, dance, massage and love ourselves and our babies!!!!


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