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15 Days to Happiness. . . Day 15!!!

DAY 15:  THEY SAVOUR THE GOOD STUFF It’s easy to focus on problems, what’s going wrong, and the crazy stuff other people do. In fact, we overwhelm ourselves with it, making it nearly impossible to see the good stuff. Next time something good happens, stop and actually appreciate it. Slow down and savour it. Notice […]

15 Days to Happiness. . . Day 14

DAY 14:  THEY ASK FOR HELP. Nobody knows everything. Most people simply fake it. In a world that encourages self-sufficiency, most of us avoid being vulnerable at all costs. It’s a manifestation of fear, whether it’s a desire to seem perfect, a fear of abandonment, or the need to be liked. There’s no weakness in […]

15 Days to Happiness. . . Day 13

DAY 13:  THEY KNOW THAT OTHER PEOPLE’S OPINIONS ARE JUST OTHER PEOPLE’S OPINIONS. Most people determine how they’re doing by consciously or unconsciously soliciting other people’s opinions. And since you’re hard-wired to try to impress people, you’re usually trying to please those who can’t be moved. Other people’s views are not more relevant than your […]

15 Days of Happiness. . . Day 12

DAY 12:  THEY MAKE JEALOUSY WORK FOR THEM. Many of us have heard the saying, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” And in actuality, it’s an act of violence. You may choose to believe that you are lacking, and that others are living amazingly abundant, kick-ass lives. But the truth is that you have no […]

15 Days to Happiness. . . Day 11

DAY 11:  THEY ACCEPT THEIR FLAWS. It’s great to do your best, but if your happiness is dependent on specific outcomes, you’ll set yourself up for disappointment. Nothing is perfect, and it’s rare that things go entirely to plan. Sure, you want to conquer the world, but if you’re killing yourself in the process you […]

15 Days to Happiness. . . Day 10

DAY 10:  THEY DON’T TRY TO FIX PEOPLE. Even if you could change others, you still wouldn’t be happy. Why? Because it’s less about fixing and more about feeling safe. Accept others for who they are, not who you’d like them to be. Change what you can control: you. Happy people adjust their expectations or let […]

15 Days to Happiness. . . Day 9

DAY 9: THEY TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. Everything I blamed someone else for was my fault and everything I blamed myself for was someone else’s fault. . . No matter who’s at fault or who takes responsibility, you have the ability to change your situation. It’s easy to get caught in the “I wish things were different” […]

15 Days to Happiness. . . Day 8

DAY 8: THEY DO THINGS THEY ACTUALLY WANT TO DO. If your social life is more exhausting than exciting, it may be time to re-evaluate your “obligations”. Sure, it may seem like you need to stop by your second cousin’s Christmas party. But if you aren’t making time for yourself, you’re likely to burn out […]

15 Days to Happiness. . . Day 7

DAY 7: THEY ARE INTERDEPENDENT RATHER THAN CODEPENDENT If you rely on others for happiness, you’re blocking your ability to give it to yourself. Your relationships with others should mirror the happiness and love you have for yourself. Prioritizing yourself isn’t selfish. If you’ve ever put others first and then resented them for it, you […]

15 Days to Happiness. . . Day 6

DAY 6: THEY STOP TRYING TO CONTROL EVERYTHING. While that deep need for control can keep us safe, it also can keep us stuck. Surrendering an outcome taught me that letting go of what I think I want (whether that be a guy or a job title) creates the space for bigger and better things […]