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Your Past is Not Your Future.

  Yes, Life gets busy. Yes, life gets hard. Yes, life gets distracting. Yes, life can be chaotic. Yes, life can be happy. Yes, life can be amazing. And yes, life can be exactly what you want it to be. We are not our past.  Yes, the past happened.  It had to in order to […]

My 3 P’s. . .

A busy month leads up to an amazing end!!! This is the ending to my Busy and Crazy month. This is the first festival I have ever performed at, and I am also a key note speaker.  What a blessing and I am so thankful for the alignment of friends, stars, faith, trust, and why […]

Yummie Mummies. . . Ah, yes.

This is what is new and exciting these days!!! Creating my own classes.  New classes.  New momma opportunities for me and my beautiful babe but for other mommas and their babes to join us in. It is pretty amazing how much healing a new momma’s body needs after growing that baby inside, after delivering that […]

New Momma in the House. . .

Ah yes, the reasonably late new momma post.  Just 4 months behind, although my classes are updated and my new workshops.  So some things are moving along and getting caught up.  What a beautiful journey thus far.  It is almost impossible to put it into words as it is so out of this world.  One […]

Updated reflections on Momma To Be. . .

Momma to Be. . . . If you met me a year ago there would be some similarities to who you would be meeting today.  I would definitely not look the same.  Our conversation would be very different.  And for sure I’m mentally and emotionally very different.  Life is ever changing realistically and we can […]

Back at it. . . .

Isn’t it always amazing how fast time can go? Well, I have realized I have updated my new blog and failed to come to old reliable for updates.  So today we write about getting back at it.  I’ve been growing this baby over here in my belly and it really is somewhat energy consuming and […]

Dancing Baby Momma to Be.

Momma to Be. . . . If you met me a year ago there would be some similarities to who you would be meeting today, June 3, 2015.  I would definitely not look the same.  Our conversation would be very different.  And for sure I’m mentally and emotionally very different. The last 6 months of […]

15 Days to Happiness. . . Day 15!!!

DAY 15:  THEY SAVOUR THE GOOD STUFF It’s easy to focus on problems, what’s going wrong, and the crazy stuff other people do. In fact, we overwhelm ourselves with it, making it nearly impossible to see the good stuff. Next time something good happens, stop and actually appreciate it. Slow down and savour it. Notice […]

15 Days to Happiness. . . Day 14

DAY 14:  THEY ASK FOR HELP. Nobody knows everything. Most people simply fake it. In a world that encourages self-sufficiency, most of us avoid being vulnerable at all costs. It’s a manifestation of fear, whether it’s a desire to seem perfect, a fear of abandonment, or the need to be liked. There’s no weakness in […]

15 Days to Happiness. . . Day 13

DAY 13:  THEY KNOW THAT OTHER PEOPLE’S OPINIONS ARE JUST OTHER PEOPLE’S OPINIONS. Most people determine how they’re doing by consciously or unconsciously soliciting other people’s opinions. And since you’re hard-wired to try to impress people, you’re usually trying to please those who can’t be moved. Other people’s views are not more relevant than your […]