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Get your tickets!

My BFF Aretha has been so amazing at helping me create the tools I need to make this event so real! Check out the  tickets here!  It’s really happening! See you all the 4th of July for an amazing collaboration of song, dance, and celebrating movement and life.

Stand Up And Dance!!!!!

Amazing brain storming session today for my dream!!!  Kenya here I come! This fund raiser is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to share this night and my passion with the amazing people in my life.   Thank you Aretha for this beautiful art work.  Thank you Dee for your calming sense of […]

Happy Place.  

Salt Spring Island = Reflection & Wisdom.  When the pond is still, the Reflection is clear.  When the Mind is still, the Reflection of life is clear.  Reflection brings Clarity.   As i write in my new journal each entry comes with a quote.  The first entry is done the day I am departing Salt […]