Getting to the Root. . .

From a young age I always knew there was more to come from this person they called Karen. . . So, here I am!!!!! Sharing with you now what I have known for quite some time. . . I love working from the inside out.  Want to know why????? Guts don’t lie! When you don’t listen, things can go sideways really fast, and really take you for a ride.  If you can realize, recognize and remember to listen to your guts and instincts then you can save yourself a lot of stress and pain.  I have always said, “If I don’t listen to my insides, ____ goes down.” and it has in the past.  Car accidents, Shingles, living on couches, yada yada yada.  So today I share this reminder with you and realize more humans are getting on board with this. . . SOUL!


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