Flash Mobs are the best.  


Sharing your passion with others can be pretty epic.  This morning Tree, Hannah, and Oota shared that passion with me.  730am sea bus from north Vancouver to downtown Vancouver.  One is not always certain how a random act of dancing it out with effect others on their way to work. . . . Well, we were greeted with something like this:
“OH MY GOD! YES! THIS IS AWESOME!” And over 100 people smiling, some trying not to show how excited they were to watch but had their cell phones out to video tape and reflect upon later.  After the applause we made our way back to our seats to chat with those sitting around us and proceeded to take our dancing to the sky train.  Also an epic scene.  One girl followed us on to a sky train she didn’t even have to get on because she saw the boom box. . . She knew something fun was about to happen.  And it did.  Random dancing on the sky train.  And she then had a smile on her face and gave us hugs to thank us for making her morning turn around. . . She was having a BAD day.  

So what’s the moral of the story? Share your passions chances are others will be open to them and accept them just as much as we accept theirs.  Sharing is caring!!!! Move it out/Dance it out!

Sunday April 28th is the big flash mob.  Come join us at English Bay to move! Shake! Unleash!

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