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15 Days to Happiness. . . Day 5

DAY 5: THEY FORGIVE THEIR PAST MISTAKES Sure, you’ve made mistakes. Lots of them. Hopefully, you learned from them. But if you’re still holding onto the pain and guilt instead of surrendering and forgiving yourself, it may be time to develop compassion. It can be painful and challenging, but it’s the first step to letting […]

15 Days to Happiness. . . Day 4

DAY 4:¬†THEY ACCEPT THAT FAILURE IS PART OF THE PROCESS. The fear of failure is nothing more than a desire to feel safe. But this kind of “safety” keeps us stagnant. We tend to forget that making a mistake doesn’t make you a “failure.” Seen differently, it’s nothing more than a learning experience. Next time […]

15 days to Happiness. . . Day 3

DAY 3 TO HAPPY: THEY GET THEIR _____ DONE. Identify the limiting belief that’s preventing you from taking action. Then, act “as if” you were the person taking action. Acknowledge your fear, but act anyway. Happy people take time to notice their track record of successes. Then, they recall that list to dispel fear around […]

15 Days to Happiness. . . Day 2

DAY 2 HAPPY: THEY EMBRACE THE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN, RATHER THAT THE CERTAINTY OF WHERE THEY ARE. It’s easier to choose certainty, even if painful, than risk the unknown. Think about it: that’s why we keep bad habits around. They are, on some level, comforting. You can wait to hit rock-bottom, or you can […]

15 days to your Happiness. . . . Day 1

I am going to share some of the best kept hidden secrets with you. . . . Although they aren’t actually hidden, they just seem to be things we can do to be happy that we ignore. ¬†Once you stop ignoring these 15 life changing tactics, you will see the smile and inner happiness you […]